No amount of money or policy change will create world peace. It's only through the internal transformation of individuals that peace will prevail. Everyone has to do their part.


As you do your part, you make it easier for others to do theirs. Eyewitness Fitness LLC is your education source to help you acquire the peace you desire despite your past and current situation. 
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"The Self Help Workshops have been really beneficial for the hospital and me personally. I have learned to really focus on work life balance by using the tools presented. Alison does a terrific job of giving practical techniques which can be used every day to focus on positive behaviors and ways of thinking. I enjoy her real life examples and scientific information supporting reasons for changing or staying the course for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.” 
 “The Self Help Workshops offered at RBHC have been a wonderful opportunity for employees to learn ways to help cope with their own everyday stress. The cognitive and behavioral approaches that are taught in these classes can make a difference in how we take care of our patients as well as how we care for ourselves. Nurses often don’t realize that providing care to others can be stressful and can sometimes negatively impact their personal life. The Self Help Workshops offer a time to decompress and learn techniques so that people can manage those everyday stressors in a more positive way. I have used many of the techniques that I have learned throughout the course of these workshops and feel that it has enabled me to take better care of myself so that I can take better care of others."
"The Self-Help Workshops have proven to be instrumental in helping me overcome fear and procrastination in the area of goal planning. During the goal planning exercise Alison asked the thought provoking question, “What if you could not fail?” This one question sent me on an endless journey of possibilities and forced me into total truthfulness concerning hindrances in moving towards my somewhat hidden dreams."  
"The workshop titled “Words are Powerful” was simply amazing. The visual presentation and discussion literally took my breath away as Alison discussed the effect that words have in creating the environment around us. At the end of the workshop, I immediately began to ponder on the scripture Proverbs 18:21 which states “Life and death are in the power of the tongue…” for as Alison stated “always remember: every word you speak has the power to hurt or heal…it can create your ideal life”. What a wonderful realization to know that the choice is up to us….a precious gift, waiting for us to unfold."
"Thanks so much for the timely workshop. I am using the rubber band this morning as a friendly reminder to take a moment to process situations when feeling stressed. In fact, I had it still on my wrist when entering the department and within minutes had to put it into action J. It actually helped me (by simply looking at it and remembering what it stands for…peace) turn a situation into something positive. So instead of using it as a “negative reward”, I am used it as a “positive reward”…hope that makes sense and is ok. Also, I am happy to report that instead of drinking a soda, I had a cup of coffee (my new morning “routine”)."
"I am very impressed with your Stress Management knowledge, positive style of presenting and with the way you connected with the NRP Seminar group. Alison you did an awesome job! Thank you."
Alison Manternach
Alison Lee, RN, BSN, MSA, ACSM-CPT empowers clients by teaching wellness lifestyle education. She has vast knowledge and experience in the health care field. Having been in the fitness industry since 1992, a nurse since 1998 and in the natural health movement since 2007, she has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presented workshops to medical executives, physicians, nurses, teachers, elite athletes, seniors and teens. Using psychology, nutrition and movement as tools to maximize human potential is her passion. Successful in reaching her own goals, she is also a three time All American and nationally ranked master's sprinter who won two golds (100 and 200 meter dash) at the VA Commonwealth Games. Since 2013, she has owned and operated Eyewitness Fitness, LLC. 
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